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The Best FREE Anti-virus, Hands Down is AVG

     It seems like everyday I have someone ask me what anti-virus they should use. My answer every time is AVG. I started using AVG back in 2005 and have never been disappointed yet. It does an excellent job of protecting my computers from virus infections, malware and other stuff out there attempting to slow my machine down. There is just one simple rule to using AVG or any anti-virus software. If AVG comes up and says that what you are about to do or where you are about to go is bad....Don't Go!! This is free software so go now and download AVG and start protecting your computer from having to visit me, lol. Get it here: AVG FREE

New Signs from Custom Vinyl Designs by Tim

     Recently ATF received new signs for the car and for the road. These beautiful new signs have been long awaited. New car door magnets so look for me around town. We also received beautiful road side signs that are located on Long Beach rd across from Habitat for Humanity Restore. Let us know what you think of the signs. A BIG thank you to Custom Vinyl Designs by Tim for the great quality work. We are very pleased. You can visit them here: Custom Vinyl Designs by Tim

ATF Joins Forces with Cash Unlimited Pawn!

     Alpha TechForce is very pleased to announce that we are now the official tech services for Cash Unlimited Pawn on LongBeach Rd in Southport,NC. Cash Unlimited is not just a Pawn shop. They offer complate PC and tech services for your desktops, Tablets and Laptops. Alpha TechForce now has an office right inside. So be sure to come and see us and what Cash Unlimited has to offer as well.

Welcome To Windows 8

     Easy now, there is nothing to be afraid of, lol. Ok so Microsoft has officially launched Windows 8. You have seen pictures, heard stories but relax, it is not as scary as you think. The Windows you know and love is still there. Bill Gates is simply preparing us for the next generation of PC's and Tablets. If you have had the opportunity to try Windows 8 or it came loaded on your new machine, stop...take a breath and look at it from a different perspective. Remember in Win XP or 7 you could click the Start button on the lower left corner to see programs and other options? Well the Windows 8 Start screen is simply that, just always open. When you would click on 7's start button you would see a list of programs, folders and easy quick links to things like My Computer, Documents, My Pictures, Video's, etc. Well with Windows 8 you have the same thing in just a more organized, easy to find setup.
     So don't get frustrated or upset. Take your time and learn to enjoy this new environment. To make it easier I recommend watching this video posted on Youtube. This gentlemen will walk you thru all the tricks and tips that will have you using Windows 8 like a pro. Click the link below.

--How To Use Windows 8--


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